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The Pen Professor: Handmade Pens, Handmade Bowls, Handmade Jewelry, Custom Gifts
The Pen Professor
Handmade pens, bowls, jewelry and other gifts for men and women
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Welcome to the Web Site of The Pen Professor

Handmade pens in exotic woods and precious metals, handmade wood bowls, handmade jewelry and other handmade gifts for men and women.

Herein you will find a variety of handmade pens, handmade wooden bowls and other handmade gifts. Our pens and bowls are made from only the finest exotic and domestic hardwoods and our pens use only the highest quality gold, titanium, rhodium and other precious metals. Our pens come in a variety of styles suitable for both men and women. We also offer a variety of other handmade gifts for men and women.

A Word About Cookies

Our shopping cart does use cookies (containing the least possible amount of information required for a shopping cart), so they must be enabled in your browser. However, if you prefer not to allow cookies, you can send us an email with the items you would like to purchase and we can arrange payment without using the shopping cart.

A Word About Purchasing

In an effort to provide as much customer security as possible, all credit card purchasing is done through PayPal. In fact, you can pay by credit card through PayPal even if you do not have a PayPal account. You can also pay by check — just send us an email telling us what you want to buy and we will send you instructions. Once you have decided what items to put in your shopping cart, all you need to do is click on the “Checkout with PayPal” button. This will take you to PayPal's web site to complete the purchase. Please note that we do not collect any of your financial information, even if you make a purchase from us.

At this time, our PayPal account accepts payments only from U.S. accounts. If you live in Canada and would like to purchase an item, please send us an email. We can accommodate your request, but shipping rates are a bit higher than those quoted on this site for U.S. customers.

Our Items Are One Of A Kind

Since our products are made one-at-a-time by hand, they are generally unique, so most items are available in single quantities only. However, if you would like more than one of an item (or a variation on an item), please send us an email. We may be able to accommodate your request.

A Word About Privacy and Security

We value both privacy and security (for us and for you). Accordingly, we do not run any code on your computer, nor do we collect any financial information, even if you make a purchase. Also, we do not require any personal information from you in order to use our web site.